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Central Sicily 

With just a handful of towns and Enna at its centre, the vast interior that makes up central Sicily is mostly deplete of tourism with just miles of cornfields and rolling hills yet a picture of rural life on the island.

With its Roman, Arab and Norman influences, there are a number of places of historic interest including Villa Romana del Casale, Sicily’s finest Roman site.


Situated approximately 1,000m above sea level, Enna is the only province in Sicily that is not linked directly to the coast but has amazing views all the way to Mount Etna in the east from Rocca di Cerere. Enna has an exceptionally diverse history and as a result there are a number of historical and architectural attractions such as Via Roma Cathedral, Temple of Demeter, Palazzo Pollicarini and Castello di Lombardia. The town’s main street has some striking Baroque palazzi and a few restaurants, bars and shops. Enna is renowned to have one of the largest Good Friday processions, when thousands march in silence dressed in the white hooded costumes of the medieval brotherhood. In July and August there are concerts and opera in the open air theatre at the castle.

Piazza Armerina

Piazza Armerina is a charming hill town in central Sicily with historical attractions such as the Baroque, Renaissance and Gothic domed cathedral with bell tower, 14th century Aragonese castle and Piazza Garibaldi in the old town and surrounded by a handful of palazzi.  

Piazza Armerina is perhaps most famous for Villa Romana del Casale, 6km to the south west, a grandiose 4th century Roman villa renowned for housing some of the most striking examples of decorative Roman mosaics. It is Sicily’s most important Roman monument and a listed UNESCO Heritage site with guided tour available.

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