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Information about Coronavirus

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Q. Will I need to complete an entry form to enter Sicily?

A. Yes. please ensure that you have completed the on-line registration form required to enter Sicily at least 48 Hours before you arrive.

You will need the names & address of your accommodations in Sicily to complete the form, the address can be found in the contacts section of your TravelPal App.

Please Note: Nasopharyngeal swab is the nose and throat test for covid-19 and the Serology test is the Antibody Test.

Should you need any help completing these forms please contact us.

Click here to complete the form>  Or download the App “Sicilia SiCura” on Play Store or Apple Store

Please also be aware that your temperature may be taken and you may also be required to complete a further declaration of health at check-in at your UK departure airport. You will be also required to wear an approved face-covering from the moment of entry into the UK airport building to the moment of exit of your destination airport, including throughout the duration of your flight. Please bear in mind the average effective life of a mask is around 4 hours so please ensure you have an adequate supply for both your outward and return journeys.


Prior to returning to the UK, you will be required to provide contact details of where you can be traced during the 14 days following your re-entry. The details are to be provided on-line, within 48 hours prior to your scheduled arrival time in the UK and MUST be completed prior to your arrival back in the UK. Failure to comply with this requirement can result in difficulties in re-entering the UK and the possibility of a fine.
Further details can be found on the following links:

Q. Is it expensive to eat out?

A. The cost of eating out is about the same as in the UK and prices vary depending on the type of restaurant. You can eat out in typical Italian Pizzerias cheaply, with a large pizza costing from €5-€8 each and a carafe of wine for about €8-€10 for 1 litre. At the other end of the scale, seafood restaurants can be pricey with fresh fish being charged per kilo. Most restaurants display their menus outside so you can check the price before sitting down. Like the rest of Italy, most restaurants make a cover charge per person.

Q. How big is the island?

A. The island is the largest in the Mediterranean at 25,711km2 (9,927 miles2).

Q. How long does it take to drive from North to South, East to West?

A. It takes about 3 hours to drive North to South from Palermo to Marina di Ragusa, and 4 hours from West to East from Trapani to Taormina. There are no motorways as such but there are good A roads.

Q. What are the roads like and driving in Sicily?

A. Driving in Sicily is quite easy, however the Autostrada can be very busy and a toll is charged, as well as driving in the Catania and Palermo. There are plenty of road signs, but we recommend you buy a map! The roads can be quite windy in some of the more mountainous areas. Don't forget they drive on the right and it is Italian law to drive with your lights on at all times!

Q. What is full board?

A. Full board includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Q. What is half board?

A. Half board includes breakfast and dinner.

Q. What is All Inclusive?

A. All Inclusive includes some drinks, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Q. What is the weather like in Sicily?

A. Sicily boasts an all year round warm climate, hot and dry from May to October rising to the mid-thirties in July and August, with cooler temperatures up in the mountains. Winters are generally mild on the coast, but it can still snow on Mount Etna!

Climate Chart >

Q. What is the sea temperature like?

A. The sea temperature is obviously warmest in July and August and generally stays warm in September and October. Although the outside temperatures can be high in May and June, the sea is usually cooler and generally takes until July to really warm up.

Climate Chart >

Q. Do you use coaches for airport transfers, and do you stop at other hotels on the way?

A. Most of our transfers are a minibus or taxi, occasionally it may be necessary to use a coach transfer. Please note that the transfer may drop off and pick up guests at other Just Sicily hotels en route to or from your accommodation or airport. If you would prefer to guarantee a private transfer a supplement will apply, please call for details.

Q. What is the time difference?

A. Sicily is one hour ahead of the UK.

Q. How much is the deposit and when do I pay the balance?

A. The deposit is £120 per person plus the cost of some flights at time of booking, and then the balance must be paid 8 weeks before travel. A reminder will be sent via email 9 weeks before departure for your balance.

Q. Do you charge for use of credit cards?

A. We do not charge for the use of Debit or Credit cards.

Q. Can you buy 'normal' baby food, baby milk and nappies in Sicily?

A. Baby food can be bought in local supermarkets and pharmacies, however it is unusual to find the same brands as in the UK. Nappies can also be found in local supermarkets. Baby milk is only sold in pharmacies behind the counter on request and beware it is very expensive and you are unlikely to find the same brands as in the UK so do take your own.

Q. Do many people speak English?

A. Quite a few Italians will speak a little English in local restaurants (menus are often translated into English) and shops if you are in an area which attracts tourists. In the hotels there is almost always English speaking staff. Inland fewer people will speak English.

Q. How many British people are there compared to other nationalities in Sicily on holiday?

A. There is a mix of nationalities visiting Sicily but predominantly Italians holiday in Sicily particularly in August. There is a growing number of British visiting Sicily with a mix of Americans, French, Scandinavian and Germans but no majority of one nationality over another.

Q. Are there coach tours of Sicily?

A. We do not offer coach tours of Sicily, but we can arrange tailor made self drive tours for our customers (Tour Sicily). Many of the hotels offer half day or full day excursions to see more of the island.

Q. Are there lots of mosquitoes?

A. There are no more mosquitoes in Sicily than any other Mediterranean island and some areas and or hotels are sprayed in the summer months to alleviate any problem. It is worthwhile taking precautions e.g. insect repellent particularly at dusk if you or your family tend to get bitten and use an electric repellent plug in your bedrooms.

Q. How many airports are there?

A. There are four main airports, Catania (East), Palermo (North), Trapani (North West) and Comiso (South).

Q. Are the cars air conditioned?

A. Yes, all our cars have air conditioning. See Car Hire

 Q. Will the hotels cater for food allergies?

A. Most hotels are very accommodating and are used to catering for a whole range of tastes. However, if you have a severe food allergy it is best to let us know so we can speak to the hotel before you go. You must also speak to the hotel when you arrive.

Q. Can I drink the tap water in Sicily?

A. Yes the tap water is fine to drink unless otherwise stated. Bottled water is readily available in supermarkets, shops, restaurants and bars either still (aqua naturale) or sparkling (aqua frizzante).

Q. Are there kettles?

A. It is unusual to find kettles in Sicily, so if you like a cup of tea in the morning it is best to take your own travel kettle.

Q. What plug sockets do they use in Sicily?

A. 2 pin 220-240 volts. You will need to take a standard European plug adapter on holiday with you.

Q. What is public transport like in Sicily?

A. There are many local buses that operate in certain towns and the blue buses from town to town and longer distances. There is a very comprehensive train network in Sicily, however we would recommend hiring a car if you like to explore and not rely on public transport too much to get around! Click below for bus timetables and details.

Ast                www.aziendasicilianatrasporti.it/

Interbus         www.interbus.it/

Sais              www.saisautolinee.it/

Trenitalia       www.trenitalia.com/

Q. What is an Agriturismo?

A. Agriturismo's are usually found in the countryside and can be farms, guesthouses, bed & breakfast and most commonly restaurants. They usually offer a set menu dinner (about €30 per person) with local traditional cuisine using either home or locally grown/produced ingredients.

Q. When is siesta and what will be open when?

A. This varies in different areas, but can be any time between 12pm and 4pm, when most shops will be closed but most shops open again between 4pm or 5pm and 7pm or 8pm.

Q. Can I go on holiday to Sicily in the winter?

A. Yes however the island is seasonal and most hotels are open from April to September/October. However, we do offer some hotels which are open all year round and some hotels and apartments that open earlier to take advantage of the lovely spring weather.

Q. How long do I need left on my passport and do I need a visa or any inoculations to travel to Sicily?

A. You should make sure the date you are travelling home is 6 months before the expiry date of your passport, there are no current visa or inoculations required if travelling from the UK.

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