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Sicily Festivals & Events

Throughout the island and throughout the year there are numerous festivals which provide a good opportunity to see traditional costumes and local handicrafts, hear local music with singing and dancing, and taste local produce at typical Sicilian food stalls.

Sicilian festivals are usually religious in origin, but others celebrate annual and gastronomic events. Also many historic monuments host plays and concerts in the summer months (please ask locally for information).

Please click here for events at the Greek Theatre in Taormina


1st-6th - New Year celebrations in Taormina with puppet shows, folk-singing and concerts
6th - Orthodox Epiphany processions with traditional costumes and oranges in Piana degli Albanesi
Mid January - Festival of Sant'Anotonio in Nicolosi


Early February - Festival of Sant'Agata in Catania with a variety of food stalls, events, fireworks and a procession
1st/2nd week - Almond blossom festival in Agrigento


Carnevale - 3 day event with procession, fireworks and music
Early-Mid February - The Carnival of Acireale which is one of the most beautiful and exciting carnivals on the island with a parade around the town centre.


Mid March - Festival of St Joseph in Salemi where sculptures of Joseph, Mary and Jesus are made out of bread


Pasqua (Easter) and Holy Week - processions and traditional costumes
Good Friday - The Procession of the Mysteries, Trapani
Starting in the afternoon and continuing into the Saturday a procession of statues, called the Sacred Mysteries, are taken through the city.
Easter Sunday - Maronne vasa vasa, Modica - Ragusa
Two parades along the streets with statues of the Virgin Mary and Christ.
Easter Sunday - The Devils,  Adrano-Catania
Good and Evil are represented in this celebration to show how Good triumphs over Evil.
Easter Sunday -  The abballu de li diavuli, Prizzi-Palermo
The masked devils (some frightening) run through the village until the Virgin Mary and Christ will impede them in the afternoon.


23rd - San Giorgio (St George's Day), processions in traditional costumes
Mid April - Pilgrimage of athletic souls run the streets in Trecastagni
Last week - Annual Windsurfing Festival at Mondello


Sagra del Lago with folk events and fireworks at Lago di Pergusa
Festival of San Francesco di Paola in Milazzo
Classical drama festival in Syracuse taking place in the Greek Theatre
Mid May - Infiorata is celebrated in Noto with floral mosaics to welcome the Spring
Late May - A Nivarata is a Sicilian ice cream festival
Late May - Cantine Aperte translates as Open Cellars and wine makers welcome the public for wine tasting and to learn about the wine making process
4th week - Classic dramas preformed in the ancient theatre in Tyndaris
Penultimate Sunday - Festa dei Rami where laurel branches are carried in Troina


2nd/3rd week - Theatrical performances and concerts at Milazzo castle
Mid June - Inycon Wine Festival in Menfi with wine tasting, exhibitions, workshops and an opportunity to taste Sicilian food
Mid - Pesce a Mare (symbolic fishing ceremony) is enacted at sea in Aci Trezza
End - Procession of St Lucy in Syracuse


Estate Ennese - a series of concerts in the open air castle of Enna
2nd/3rd week - International Film Festival in Taormina at the Greek Theatre (please click here for events at the theatre
Mid July - Festival of St Rosalia in Palermo with fireworks and celebrations of the city being saved from the plague
End July - Stragusto is a Sicilian street food festival


Early August - A boat race between the 5 traditional sections of the city around Ortigia island in Syracuse
Mid August - Il Palio dei Normanni in Piazza Armerina where they celebrate Count Roger taking the town in 11th century
15th - Ferrogosta procession with fireworks in Massina and a boat procession at Capo d'Orlando
Late August - St John the Baptist celebrations in Ragusa


A medieval parade with some 500 characters representing the notaries of the town of Caccamo's history from the 11th - 19th century's
Beginning of September  - Pilgrimage of Monte Pellegino in Palermo in honour of St Rosalia
Early September - Procession of Madonna delle Luci and her guardians in Mistretta
End of September - International couscous festival at San Vito Lo Capo


Ecclesiastical music concerts in Monreale cathedral, Palermo
Horse fair in San Fratello


Historical fair in Sant'Agata di Militello


Mid December - Festival of St Lucy in Syracuse
25th - Christmas

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