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Taste Sicily

Sicilian cuisine has its own identity bursting with intense, fruity and aromatic flavours and offers a rich repertoire of dishes with locally grown delicious produce and a fantastic selection of restaurants.

Like the island, Sicilian cuisine sets itself apart from the Italian mainland. Each civilisation ever to step foot on Sicilian soil has left their mark not only in the island's charming towns and villages but have also influenced the food.

Elements of each culture have been incorporated to create a unique, harmonious blend of flavours with wine and olives from the Greeks, rice, saffron and cinnamon from the Arabs particularly in the west of the island, (couscous is as much a part of the Sicilian menu as pasta) and meat dishes from the Norman invaders.

Visitors to Sicily can look forward to a multicultural culinary experience.

Locally Grown Produce

Locally Grown Produce


Sicilian Wine

Dining Out

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Street Food

Sicilian Street Food

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The highlight of any holiday in Sicily is the food and wine with unique flavours and local produce.

The fertile land around Mount Etna provides excellent growing conditions for some exceptional wines and with many hotels growing their own produce, you will not be disappointed.

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